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This is Genius — our team of real human experts. Combined with powerful technology, they give you personalized, honest money advice.

Genius makes your money smarter

Ask a Genius

Ask us about any financial question, no matter how big or small — our geniuses are here to help guide you.

Our geniuses are with you 7 days a week to help you navigate anything. Credit cards, student loans, and budgeting to name a few.

Smart Money

We analyze your income and spending to find small amounts we think you can afford to save and invest each week, automatically.

Albert Investing accounts are not FDIC insured or bank guaranteed and involve the risk of loss. Albert Savings funds are held at major banks and FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

Real people.
Powerful technology.

Cash back

Earn up to 20% cash back when you spend with your Albert debit card on gas, groceries, and more.

Fee-free ATMs

Subscribers can withdraw cash fee-free at 55,000+ ATMs. Find the closest fee-free ATMs in the app.

24/7 monitoring

Our technology is always humming in the background to find you savings. Plus, text Genius at any time — we’re here everyday.


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