Get all your money stats in one place on the Overview tab. Track your recent bills, spending, and savings across all accounts. We’ll send alerts so you can get to know your money habits.

Spending trends

We categorize and track where all your money goes. Spotting trends will help you avoid spending more than you earn.

Savings activity

Stay motivated by tracking how much you’ve saved and invested with Albert. View your activity by month, or compare your progress week over week.

Real-time alerts

We tell you when we discover overdraft fees, unusual transactions, and bill hikes. And we’re always on the lookout for hidden savings.

Bill negotiation

We’ve lowered our members’ bills annually by $250 on average.

Subscription monitoring

We flag subscriptions you may have forgotten about, so you can decide what to cut or keep.

Fee finding

We identify hidden charges like monthly and overdraft fees from across all of your accounts.


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